Chase’s differentiated approach is to build on our roots through partnerships that underpin our ambition and desire to create value for our stakeholders and make a genuine and lasting impact in our 

Global reach: Chase has an Indian heritage dating back to the late 20th century. With roots in India , Chase has expanded across China and now has operations either directly or via its investments across China and Latin America. Our background, combined with our international experience, provides us with unique insight into doing business on the continent

Deep local understanding: Chase employs, through its own operations and investments, a workforce of people that have grass-roots understanding of business practices on a global scale. Chase has developed a proven framework to identify and pursue investment opportunities, while recognising and respecting the challenges faced in different markets.

Partnership: Chase uses a partnership approach in selecting and participating in new investments and opportunities. As a partner and integration expert, Chase brings to bear its unique ‘on-the-ground’ expertise and seeks to work with strategic partners looking to expand in China orLatin America with the ability to contribute meaningful intellectual capital and operational know-how.

Responsible corporate citizenship: Having been present in Hong Kong for more than 35 years, Chase has a clear understanding of the role businesses can play in helping to shape the communities in which they operate. We believe that making profitable investments does not preclude a principled and purposeful investment approach, where value is generated for all stakeholders: investors, partners and customers, employees and surrounding communities.

Our values and guiding principles remain constant and are applied to every business we invest in and to every part of the world in which we operate:

Trust, respect and alignment: We work with like-minded individuals, partners and investors to build businesses where our collective values, interests and visions are aligned. We believe in accountability, which is why we always strive to put our name to what we do. ‘Best-in-class’ corporate governance and integrity are non-negotiable elements of the way we do business.

Growth and innovation: We strive to grow and deliver returns to our stakeholders by continually seeking opportunities where a new approach to a problem or addressing market demand can create substantial and sustainable value. Continual innovation is core to our success.

Entrepreneurialism: We are entrepreneurs and business builders. We seek to challenge the status quo and strive to create new approaches to meet or create demand for goods and services.

Social awareness: At our core we believe businesses must make a positive social impact as well as a financial return. We are stewards for the next generation of entrepreneurs. The wellbeing of these individuals play centre stage in all that we do.