Chase is a traditional and dynamic diversified company and a well recognised and respected brand in China and Latin America. Characterised by professionalism, integrity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Chase possesses in-depth knowledge and unrivalled expertise in these markets.

Chase’s primary focus is Latin America where it has investments and operations in several countries, across a broad range of sectors including¬†consumer products, automotive products, construction materials, consumable products, petrochemicals,¬†financial services, manufacturing, real estate and agricultural products.

Recognised as a global growth company by the its suppliers and clients, Chase believes in generating value and making a genuine difference by creating and delivering innovative products and solutions.

In pursuing its goals, Chase’s business philosophy is to partner with international industry leaders to bring the best of international innovation to its clients. Chase’s partnership approach enables the combination of skills, knowledge, and operational expertise to support the establishment and growth of new and existing companies.