Chase International Exports Limited┬áis an import-export company founded by Ashok Pritmani in 1977. Pritmani travelled the world the world and gradually built a successful import-export business, based mainly on the sundries trade. In time, Pritmani set out for South America, setting up an office in the continent under the same name (Chase International S.A.). This would serve as a key entry point to the emerging markets of several countires in Latin America. It was Pritmani in particular whose entrepreneurial instincts would be at the root of the firm’s success in years to come.

After spending six years in South America, Pritmani returned to Hong Kong, to create strategic partnerships with manufacturers across South East Asia. Chase began trading goods ranging from toys and household products to commodities and chemicals. Pritmani incorporated Chase International Exports Limited in Hong Kong in 1993. Under Pritmani’s leadership, Chase has expanded trading operations to tens of thousands of products. The core values of honesty, transparency and long-term relationships are evidenced by our client and supplier relations, most of which span over multiple decades.